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Vous avez dit "langage corporel" ?!! Vous êtes dans les secrets de la communication. [Jun. 10th, 2014|12:16 pm]

Jean Nasr
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Знакомства ради секса display modes [Aug. 23rd, 2012|06:10 pm]

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How To Date A Babe [May. 21st, 2008|01:40 pm]


Women made simple.


We want you to pick us up, honestly. So here’s a journal on how to get in our pants.


This journal updates on Mondays with new articles on getting laid and common mistakes guys are making that’s keeping them from getting laid.


It’s written by a 20-something woman who is REALLY sick of guys fumbling the ball.


Add me, you know you want need to.

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??? [Feb. 10th, 2008|12:54 pm]

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Hey, I am looking for a community where I can post articles and speeches that I write. Have I come to the right place?
-nick dock

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Recommended programs in Communication Technology [Oct. 22nd, 2007|12:05 am]

[mood |curiouscurious]

Hi all:

I'm starting to investigate PhD programs and finding some great resources, but it's always nice to hear the anecdotes and opinions of others.

What PhD programs would you consider a good bet for someone interested in communication technology? Specifically - Internet research, online communities and communication, media/fandom culture. If it helps, I'm a big fan of the work of Nancy Baym and Joseph Walther, looking at folks who generally ID as Communication scholars, but a lot of "Media Studies" and "Gender Studies" academics end up doing things that interest me as well. A PhD in Media Studies vs. a pure Communication program is not out of the question, either.

What programs come to mind, considering this? Any thoughts or suggestions for investigation would be appreciated.
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Communication books for sale! [Apr. 25th, 2007|12:28 am]
If this is not allowed,feel free to delete this!
Language and communication books for sale,very good condition!

under here!Collapse )
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Easter Column, Part 2 [Apr. 8th, 2007|11:04 am]

The Easter season is a joyous celebration of hope and new life that unites Christians all around the globe, and has had a profound effect on the world we live in. Although our reflections on Jesus' death and Resurrection may be dismissed by some as simply being trite religious devotion, they point to events that are firmly rooted in human history.

Think for a moment about the objections raised by skeptics: "Churches are full of hypocrites." "Religion has caused wars and atrocities." "If that's what Christianity is all about, I want no part of it." But that is not what Christianity is all about. I certainly do not deny that some heinous things have been done in Christ's name, but that is totally irrelevant to the ultimate truth of Christianity, as none of these things can undo the historical reality of the Resurrection.

On numerous occasions, prominent scholars have researched this topic, and to the surprise of many, have strongly verified the historicity of the Gospel accounts. For example, Dr. Simon Greenleaf, who was the Royall Professor of Law at Harvard University, was considered one of the world's top authorities on legal evidences. After applying this expertise to the Resurrection, he concluded that it was, in fact, an historical fact. His research is available in a book called "The Testimony of the Evangelists." Furthermore, British lawyer Frank Morrison set out to write a book repudiating the Resurrection and instead found the evidence so overwhelming he became a believer himself! His findings can be read in his book, "Who Moved The Stone?" Similarly, journalist Lee Strobel began his quest as a skeptic attempting to discredit the Christian faith, but wound up having his own life-changing encounter with the risen Jesus. His story is told in the popular book "The Case For Christ."

One of the most striking evidences for the Resurrection is its immediate impact on the religious world of the day. With the founding of the church in 32 AD, we see a sudden change in the day of worship. This is significant because all of the early Christians were Jews coming from a strict background of observing the seventh day Sabbath. Once they became Christians, however, they made their day of worship Sunday, the first day of the week, to commemorate Christ's Resurrection on that day. It would have taken a very significant event to altar such a deeply seated tradition.
In addition, we see new ordinances (baptism and communion) practiced from the very beginning of church history as reminders of His death and Resurrection. The First Century Church has also left numerous other monuments, such as hymns, art and church readings done in honor of the Resurrected Christ.

This brings us to the strongest evidence of all: The fact that the risen Jesus was seen alive by over 500 eye witnesses! Jesus' post-Resurrection appearances are verified not only by the Bible, but by secular history as well. Josephus writes: "...he appeared to them alive on the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him." If these appearances were a delusion, how could this many people testify to the exact same thing? This is especially significant when we consider that many of them were tortured and killed for bearing witness to it. Would people endure this for something they knew to be false? We also see the dramatic conversions of two previous skeptics: James, brother of Jesus and a brilliant scholar named Saul of Tarsus, who we now know as the mighty apostle Paul.
Furthermore, Paul also states that most of these 500 witnesses were still alive at the time (1 Corinthians 15:6). In other words, the reader could easily ask them about the things they had seen.

The Resurrection narratives strike at the very core of who we are as human beings. We gaze into a loved one's coffin knowing full well that one day we are destined to be there ourselves. Until the fear of death is dealt with, we will never truly learn to live. May the hope and beauty of the Easter message be a reality in your life this season, and always.

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Easter Column, Part 1 [Apr. 8th, 2007|10:51 am]

Published in The Daily Beacon, Monday, March 26, 2007

In two weeks, we will reach the culmination of the Lenten/Easter season. As we take this time to reflect on the Passion and Resurrection of Christ, I would like to present a two-part series about what makes the Easter holiday so important. Regardless of your own religious beliefs, I hope that these articles will at least give you a deeper appreciation of these events, which have literally split history in half.

Historians estimate the date of Jesus' crucifixion as being around Friday, April 7th, A.D. 30. The religious leaders of the day, jealous of His influence and popularity, had turned Him over to the Roman government to be tried for false charges of sedition. Although the occupying Roman Empire gave the Jews a great deal of freedom in conducting their legal affairs, Roman approval was required for an execution. In order to avoid a riot, and thus preserve his standing with the Emperor, Governor Pontius Pilate reluctantly consented to the crowd's demands to have Jesus crucified.

The first step in this horrible process was a brutal beating with a leather whip, which was called scourging. While Jewish civil law limited the beating to forty lashes, the Romans recognized no such law, and thus were at liberty to beat the person as viciously as they pleased. The beating itself was often fatal. Geikie's "Life of Christ" tells us that:

“Victims condemned to the cross first underwent the hideous torture of the scourge...(Jesus) was beaten at the pleasure of the soldiers, with knots of rope, or plaited leather thongs, armed at the ends with acorn shaped drops of lead, or small sharp pointed bones...Under the fury of the countless stripes, the victims sometimes sank-amidst screams, convulsive leaps, and distortions-into a senseless heap; sometimes died on the spot; sometimes were taken away… to find deliverance in death.”

After the scourging, it was off to the hill known as "The Skull," ("Golgotha" in Aramaic, "Calverius" in Latin). This was the designated place where local executions took place, some by stoning, others by crucifixion. According to Unger's Bible Dictionary, crucifixion was used by a number of ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians and the Persians. It was used by the Romans from the very beginning of their history, until it was eventually abolished by Emperor Constantine. In any scenario, it was reserved for slaves and for the worst kind of criminals.

Large, rusty spikes were driven into the wrists and feet. The cross was then erected, with the person's body suspended about four feet above the ground. What followed was a long, excruciating death so horrible that mere words cannot begin to do it justice. Medical Doctor Gerald H. Bradley gives us a look:

“This was the most agonizing death man could face...He had to support Himself in order to breathe...the flaming pain caused by the spikes hitting the median nerve in the wrists explodes up His arms, into His brain and down His spine. The spike burning through the nerves between the metatarsal bones of the feet jerks His body erect, then the leg muscles convulse and drive His body downward...beating Him against the cross. Air is sucked in, but cannot be exhaled until the buildup carbon dioxide in the lungs and blood stream stimulates breathing to relieve the cramps. Exhaustion, shock, dehydration and paralysis destroy the victim. The heart is barely able to pump the thick blood as each of His billions of cells die one at a time. Prior to His death in all His agony, Jesus is in full control of His mind. He asks the heavenly Father to "Forgive them; for they know not what they do."

If the story ended here, we would have a beautiful account of a man dying as a martyr for His cause, but nothing more. What makes Jesus' death stand out is what occurred three days later: The verifiable, historical reality of His Resurrection! Next week, we will look at a few of the evidences for this remarkable event.

Stay tuned!

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